Using communities to market

Marketing books for nonmarketers is a drag. There, it’s been said. It costs money and time. But what if there was a way to market books that cost nothing and relatively little time?

That’s where finding the right community comes in (and if you can’t find the community, then maybe you need to start one).

KJ Matthews is a member of the International Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors. It cost her nothing to join (which she was pleased about), given some of the other communities are quite expensive for a fledging indie author. She can pay for some services, but one very nice thing this association of volunteers does is run monthly promotions. This month it is all about Sci Fi; next month will be another genre or subgenre. The only requirement for listing a book in one of these promos is to make it free or 99c.

From this type of free marketing, KJ regularly gets a noticeable bump in her sales (of course, this only translates to actual income if people read Books 2-5).

If you want to see what the promos look like then check out HTTP://

So keep a look out for other organisations in your genre that will help you market for a low cost.

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