Jayne’s at it again

Jayne Thornber loves to write, but she has too many ideas in her head. She often says that she will have to live forever to write every story idea she has. Thus the trials of an author with writing ADHD.

Unfortunately, she got distracted by her “202 Writing Exercises to improve your craft”, to edit her upcoming romance story (estimated release date, Late May). We are going to become grumpy indie publishers if Jayne is not careful (don’t worry, Jayne has a great sense of humour and is happy to “take the mickey” out of her reluctance to meet our deadlines.

202 Writing Exercises is designed to help a writer out of their comfort zone. We often write what we know, which is perfect, but occasionally writing something completely different is the perfect way to develop new skills. This is what this book is about. It’s only a short book, and designed to pick up, find an exercise, complete the exercise (over a couple of days is fine) and then reflect on your work.

Has anyone of you used a book like this before?

We’ll put the link up when the book becomes available Jan 13th (Friday the 13th incidentally!)

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