Release Day!!!!!

There is nothing better than seeing a book on Amazon (or any platform). We are working hard to get KJ Matthews’ into more POD (print on Demand) bookstores, but for now Book 2 is available on Kindle and Paperback.

Book 1 followed the odyssey of seven teens as they discovered themselves isolated in a glorified escape pod at the mercy of a basic computer (no AI here, it’s the future and technology is used only to serve a purpose) and no hope for rescue. Try thinking of your late teenage self and how you would survive being violently removed from everything and knowing that everything and everyone you know is dead.

Book 2 follows Kay’s journey as she discovers that being rescued by humans, not of this galaxy, is unexpectedly complicated and deadly. Think in terms of what it’s like to move into a new culture, but unlike moving between countries, there’s nothing familiar except the inherent human trait of wanting to be accepted. You say you want a steak for dinner, and they wonder why you want to eat a timber stake. You talk about a camera; they have no idea what a camera is.

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