Book Sales Strategies

If you haven’t already started to think about book marketing and how you will find non-friend book buyers, now is the time to do so.

When you set up your Sales Strategies, there are several aspects to consider, and as we are not drawing in multiple millions in profit, we have a long way to go to learn them all. But this is a place to start.

  1. How many books can you write a year?
  2. How many books can you edit whilst continuing to write?
  3. How many contractors can you manage whilst continuing to write?
  4. How can you manage your social media and other marketing whilst you write?

Craig Martelle (if you don’t know who he is, look him up) invests plenty of his own time and money into helping self-publishing authors.  The point is he often says something like “under promise and over deliver”.  If your readers are expecting a new release, and it’s not ready on time, they are going to lose trust in you, and you will fall off their radar (how many times has a poor customer experience caused you to find a new company?)

Setting up a launch and follow-through strategy enables you to start workflow planning.  You did know writing the book was the easy bit, right?

The above list is things to consider. Also included in there is what you are going to do for pre-book launch hype if you are going to have a big book launch (probably not worth it if you are a debut author in a genre loaded with books, but if you are writing a memoir or an information book and have a large interest, then a big book launch might work).

The most important thing to manage is how you are going to continue to write because that backlist you are building is your most useful book sales driver possible.

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