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You published your book. It looks fantastic sitting there in an online shop, just waiting for orders. But writing, editing, and publishing the book was the easy part. Marketing blows!

There is so much to it, and we’re not going to go into that here yet. What you need to know is that you need a universal book link. Publishing on Amazon, Kobo, and Apple Books opens you to an international market. But Amazon and Kobo (we haven’t investigated Apple yet) have different markets for each country.

A universal book link allows potential purchasers to click on one link and get directed to their marketplace. It’s very simple.

We use Place your link in whatever market you want, create a universal link and post that for everyone to look at. Try this link. Let me know your market and if it worked in a comment.

We also use This wonderful little website creates a free QR code. It works the same way as a universal link. We’ve started embedding these into our reels and will update our book backmatter so that readers can scan and go to purchase the next book in the series. You can choose many different styles. Here’s one to try out.

We’ll cover more on marketing in other blog posts. It’s such a big topic, and different genres have success in different areas.

For now, happy publishing.

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