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K J Matthews’ second novella is out for pre-orders. The ebook will automatically appear in bookshelves on Dec 14th (USA time).

She’s rescued by a race that wants her dead.

Kaori Hetherington didn’t ask to crash land on an alien world. She didn’t ask for her friends to be late in returning from their explorations. For all Kay knew, they were dead. And she certainly didn’t ask to be forcibly taken from the alien world when she was about to go and rescue them. All she wanted was to find her friends and get on with rebuilding her life. What she got was lightless, soundless, tasteless, and noiseless. So when rescue came her way, Kaori didn’t argue. Anything was better than sensory deprivation; that’s if her rescue was a rescue, not another hallucination. Her last reliable memory was trying to escape from a bright pink spaceship in a swamp. Now, Kay’s brain was thinking things she’d never thought before, and she had a burning desire to thrust her rescuers. But something stopped her. When she thought she had everything sorted, Kay discovered that the universe she and her friends found themselves in had deadly hidden rules.

Will Kay unravel the rules in time to save her head?

Book 2 of The Odyssey of the Seven follows along with Kay’s challenges to survive in a world full of rules she doesn’t understand. This novella, whilst part of a series, is a stand-alone novella and can be read as such.

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