KJ Matthews

KJ Matthews grew up in two different countries and three different towns. As an adult, she added another four different locations in the same two countries. In between moving, she fell in love with teaching teenagers, and she honestly can’t imagine why anyone would want to teach five year olds. They pee on their shoe laces! KJ loves the young adult, new adult age group and adores losing herself in writing, reading or watching people working out who they are, particularly in different environments to what they are used to. You can’t get more different than space.

Thus her series “The Odyssey of the Seven” grew. Due for release in November, the first book sets the stage for a group of teenagers, blasted into the unknown. Will they fall on each other aka “Lord of the Flies” or will they form their own family…

KJ is writing the second series based on the same characters, but, whilst she has an idea of what the eventual outcome will be, her characters have a habit of doing what they darned well please. She has a clever working title but if she tells you what that is, it might give too much away.

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