Pre-orders Open

We are pleased to announce that pre-orders for KJ Matthews’ third novella – Found (The Odyssey of the Seven Series Book 3) are open.

As always, we are interested in ARC readers (contact us at if you are interested).

Your settlement hovers on the brink of starvation, and more survivors are found.
Louie is permanently worried that the fledgling community of the seven, now grown to just shy of twenty, will fail. They don’t know enough. They managed to grow food by luck over skill, and anything they hunt learns to avoid them quickly. Only Clara has lived on a planet before; theoretical knowledge doesn’t make up for real experiences. Their medical supplies are finished, their emergency food supplies are almost gone, yet despite that, they have a settlement.
Just when things stabilize, another twenty-odd survivors land, along with a couple of unknown alien humans with their own agenda. Pressure builds for every member of the community. With no time to assimilate the new members, another group of traumatised survivors arrive. Bringing with them death, and the Jjaxz, the giant antlike creatures that destroyed the survivor’s home in the first place. Will the community survive their rapid expansion and come to the notice of the Jjaxz? How will their new allies help them or are their allies after something else? What is the personal cost for Louie and the others?

Book 3 – Found: The Odyssey of the Seven, is best read as part of the series. It continues the story of the Seven on the alien planet they now share with a colony of Jjaxz and a food supply that isn’t keen on dying any more than the seven. If you enjoyed Lost in Space, The 100, Tomorrow when the War Began, and other Young Adult/New Adult adventures where older teens come of age, then The Odyssey of the Seven science fiction novella series is for you.

Written by an ex-high school teacher, the focus is on easy reading and character development. But it’s just as much enjoyed by all age groups and reading levels.

The rest of the series will be completed in April. There are two more books to go.

Towards the end of the year, KJ Matthews will be publishing (in conjunction with us), the trilogy – The Odyssey of the Six. We’re looking forward to getting our hands on the final drafts of those three books!

And the final goal for 2023 for KJ is to get her mailing list up and running. She’ll be releasing every couple of months and include some POV (Points of view) of the other characters in the Odyssey of the Seven.

Happy New Year Y’all.

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