Types of Book Publishing

Ever heard of Low Content books?

In general there are three types of book publishing: Low, Medium, and High Content books

Low content boos

Low-content books are like our line of quilt planners, journals, or colouring books. There are very limited words (think title page and maybe some section headers) and multiple repeated pages or blank pages.

When publishing, most online print-on-demand places require you to mark your book as Low Content. Because of the flooded market in low-content books, you need to advertise to get any sales in these books. People do make money on them, but most commonly, content creators create 50 books and take months to sell one.

Medium-content books are like Jayne Thornber’s Romance Writing Prompts or her not yet released “202 Writing exercises”. These are books that have plenty of white spaces on each page – think workbooks. Every page may be different however there is not much content on each page.

For example –

High Content books – This is what most people consider a book. They can be short, long, or anywhere between.

Publishers, booksellers, and print-on-demand (aka Amazon and the link) have various terms and conditions on publishing Low content and High Content books (medium content books are considered high content for publishing purposes). Check out the terms and conditions on the platforms you want to use, because they impact your ability to sell books.

As always Happy Writing!

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