A brief look at building your reader market.

Whilst you are busy editing your book, you need to be building your reader base. This is an incredibly huge topic, with plenty of dedicated groups and websites. Kindlepreneur, Mark Dawson, and Johanna Penn all have plenty of marketing information. Facebook sites can be informative (but there tends to be conflicting information because different genres of writing will have different “best fit” models for marketing)

What you do need to know is that it is never too early to start building demand for your book. Use all your resources, social media, old blogs you have lying around (ummmm…), a new blog, or any means you have to build your audience. This can occur months before your book is due for release.

We raise this point now because building a market takes time.


            A newsletter

            A blog

            Social media

            Book Cover reveals

Always think about the reader, not the writer. Thus WordPress, where this blog is hosted, is filled with other blog writers. They are interested in a range of topics, but they are not the target of either K J Matthews or Jayne Thornber, who both write novellas or longer. Blog readers like information and read that information quickly.

We will cover marketing much later in the blog when we have moved through the process of publishing a book.

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