Why be an indie publisher?

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When I started writing, my mother said never to self-publish because
“real” authors didn’t self-publish. She wasn’t being harsh; she was
reflecting on the time when print-on-demand publishing wasn’t possible

She had a point. For KJ Matthews to publish a novella would have been
impossible. Traditional publishers weren’t interested in the length, citing it wouldn’t make enough money to justify the investment. Thank goodness for Print-on-demand.

So why become an indie publisher?

The simple answer is because that way, Fiery Publishing can publish anything that takes our fancy. The complicated answer is that, after many years in many industries, a huge range of people like reading shorter books. Traditional publishers don’t cater to the novella. As an indie publisher, we can.

If you have any questions about self-publishing, email us at kerry@fierypublishing.com.

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