I’ve been busy

It’s been ages since I posted on my blog, and I have never focused on what’s happening in my life unless it’s through poetry or my fitness journey. The biggest change is that my personal blog is now Fiery Publishing.

The last several months have been about setting Fiery Publishing as an indie publishing house (quite a challenge in a different country) and getting some books out. It was and still is a massive learning curve.

My business Fiery Publisihing, LLC, is pleased to announce we are up and running with a selection of low-content craft books for the quilters, and Jayne Thornber (one of our authors) has a book with romance writing prompts in it (that’s just a little different). We’re about to release KJ Matthews’ novella.

We’ve also hosted a series of self-publishing workshops local to our area. Next year, we’d like to spread our wings more on those as we’ve had interest in neighbouring areas.

What a launch for our business. You can find us at http://www.fierypublishing.com or on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll be on other social media platforms in the new year.

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